music and seasons

Today I want you to read a short text about music and the seasons to practice your reading skills. You can find definitions of the words in bold under the text.

There’s always a song suited to every season. When it’s summer or spring, we normally listen to upbeat happy songs. When it’s autumn or winter, we normally listen to calm relaxing music.

Whatever the season, we like to listen to nice catchy songs because they change our mood. No matter how bad, lonely or hard times are, music seems to do magic and helps us think and feel that at the end of the day, there’s always something good we need to be thankful for.


suited: adatto, idoneo per

For example: I think the other applicant is better suited to the job.
Credo che l’altro candidato sia più adatto per questo lavoro.

season: stagione

For example: My favourite season is summer.
La mia stagione preferita è l’estate.

summer: estate

For example: We always go to the beach in the summer.
D’estate andiamo sempre in spiaggia.

spring: primavera

For example: In spring, the flowers start to bloom.
In primavera i fiori cominciano a sbocciare.

autumn: autunno

For example: Leaves change colour in autumn.
In autunno le foglie cambiano colore.

winter: inverno

For example: Winter is my worst season. I hate the cold!
L’inverno è la peggiore stagione. Odio il freddo!

upbeat: allegro, positivo

For example: She looked upbeat even though she was tired.
Sembrava allegra anche se era stanca.

catchy: orecchiabile

For example: Lady Gaga’s songs are always catchy.
Le canzoni di Lady Gaga sono sempre orecchiabili.

mood: umore, animo

For example: He’s always in a bad mood on Monday mornings.
Il lunedí mattina è sempre di cattivo umore.

to seem: sembrare

For example: You seem happy today.
Sembri felice oggi.

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